Aleksandra Kokotovic

Aleksandra is an independent, multi-media International visual artist. Her work ranges from, but not limited to, painting, sculpture, graphic, drawing, installation, fashion design and performance art. She is a child prodigy; receiving her first international award for painting at the age of ten. Throughout her career as a professional artist, she has had 37 solo exhibitions in renowned institutions, museums and galleries across Europe, USA and Asia.

Aleksandra has been invited, and has shown at prestigious, global art festivals including the European Days of Culture Heritage in the National Library of Serbia in Belgrade, the Summer at the Museum of History of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the International Art Festival Mostar Summer.

Additionally, Aleksandra has had over 60 group jury exhibitions across the globe including Lithuania, Poland, Maldives, USA, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Northern Macedonia, Bulgaria, Montenegro, United Arabic Emirates, Egypt, and Jordan.

She is a graduate from Accademia del Lusso and her talents include curation, in which she has led many curatorial projects for esteemed institutions. She is also a member of the Association of Fine Artists of Serbia (ULUS), the Association of Fine Artists of Bosnia and Herzegovina (ULUBIH), and the Diversus Visum Art Association.

For past 2 decades her name has been in the book of the most influential people of culture, science, art and politics in the country, "Who's Who in Bosnia and Herzegovina”. In addition, she created a brand of handmade bags that was an immediate success, and she was the owner of the luxurious lifestyle magazine "IEVE", which won the award for the best magazine in 2004.

A female athlete, she was the champion of Sarajevo in the 400-meter hurdles. In her younger age, she also organized number of cultural and fashion events and volunteered for the Breast Cancer Society in Florida.




Kathy Skaggs About the Artist Artist Statement: I’m drawn to highly decorated surfaces using images that are familiar to me growing up in Florida and now specifically, where I live in Mayport. I print underglazes on newsprint, then transfer those images onto my work. I prefer this way of working because I can concentrate on printing images, hang them on my studio wall, then select those that I would like to use on my work. Working this way allows me to collage preprinted patterns then transfer them to the clay. My recent interest in quilting has affected how I cut and combine these prints and patterns. .

Bio: Kathy Skaggs earned her M.A.E. in Education from the Rhode Island School of Design and her M.F.A. in Ceramics from the University of Florida. She was published in Studio Potter and received an NAE grant to construct her first kiln and equip a studio after graduate school. Kathy has worked at the Cleveland Art Institute and Penland School of Crafts as a studio assistant. She has been an adjunct at the University of North Florida and University for Florida where she taught classes in the Education and Ceramics Department. She owned Atlantic Pottery Supply and taught Ceramics for over 30 years in Duval and St. Johns Counties. Currently she works as a Ceramic Education Consultant & Teacher for AMACO teaching teachers how to use clay in their classrooms

Contact the artist directly for purchases and commissions:

[C] 904-715-0800


Larry Wilson, Works on Canvas, Paper, and Clay

About the Artist

Works on Paper & Canvas:

“The Excursion Memory Series is based on my recollection of experiences I had while growing up in Miami and, in my adult life, living in other big cities. I have spent quality time in nature hiking, swimming and observing subtle sun rises and in your face sunsets through the years.  Our world is being threatened with damning pollution, poisoned waters and increasingly intense acts of nature. Our planet is struggling to survive and to be reborn. In the work I am showing, if you look closely, you’ll see the tension, destruction and the decay.  Mixed into all this gloom and doom is a constant perpetual vision of hope, growth and rebirth. These pieces are a celebration, knowing that we can improve, learn and create a world that we all can live in joyously. 

I’m interested in how light plays an important role in the definition of objects and spaces. As the light changes - so do the perceptions of that reality.”

Abstract Work - "The 'Life in Circles' series is addressing the same basic sensibilities as my figurative work but abstracted, They are round forms because everything in life eventually comes full circle – the cycle of life.  Along this journey we encounter the contrasts of easy smooth paths, rough roads and highs & lows. The story is told with textures, colors, tonality, matte & glossy finishes all blending together to form our lives."

“Wilson’s powerful sculptures explore the strengths and vulnerabilities of the masculine”. Dr. Debra Murphy – University of North Florida

Figurative Works in Clay:

"The series, 'Having a Voice', of figurative work reflects my current state of mind and speaks to my life experiences. My intent is to interpret this in an honest and straight forward manner that is pure in form and intention. The figures touch on the physical and spiritual complexities of the human condition. Layered on the surface are symbols and imagery that has defined my life experience. Creating objects must be woven into my DNA because I don’t remember it ever not being a part of my life.”

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[C] 904.887.8315


Sky Gallery Bicentennial Exhibition, 1922-1939

The Soul of Jacksonville

“Who we were informs who we are and who we will be.”

Exhibit Dates:  March 1 - June 30, 2022


In celebration of Jacksonville’s Bicentennial, the Jacksonville History Consortium will present an exhibit at The Sky Gallery at Jacksonville International Airport.  The exhibit tips its hat at the formative years of the City of Jacksonville, from its formation as a town with the name Jacksonville in 1822 to just before World War II.

Looking through the lens of Jacksonville’s population concentrations in its earliest years, and its historic neighborhoods that came to be as the city grew, the exhibit weaves a story of Jacksonville’s vital force, or soul that animated the city.

The St. Johns River played an important part in the development of Jacksonville, with communities springing up at various locations along it, taking advantage of the deep water port.  Early settlers living in these communities travelled by river from place to place and, eventually, developed commerce centered on river trade and recreation.  Neighborhoods developed, radiating out from those original river settlements, creating a vibrant city with citizens of varied backgrounds who often came from other locations.

The early history of Jacksonville informs who we are now and who we will be in the future.  It is a rich history, steeped in community, and sustained by neighborhoods.

Time Periods and Featured Population Areas/Neighborhoods by Our Community’s Not-for-Profits

Period I:1822 – 1865

• Kingsley Plantation
• St. Nicholas/Clifton
• Mandarin
• Cathedral District/Downtown

Period II:1866 – 1901

• LaVilla:  Ritz Museum/Eartha M.M. White Museum/Congregation Ahavath Chesed/Masonic Temple (Black Masons)
• Springfield
• Riverside-Avondale
• Edward Waters College

Period III:1902 – 1939

• Norman Studios
• San Marco
• Jacksonville Beach
• Jacksonville Historical Society
• Murray Hill
• Durkee Gardens/Durkeeville 

Additional archival materials were provided by UNF, City of Jacksonville Historic Preservation and the Jacksonville Public Library system.
Archival photographs, documents, maps, etc. are included. Important, three-dimensional historical objects are exhibited in the vitrines.


With curatorial support from Jacksonville History Consortium member volunteers: Jeff Graf and Jen Jones Murray
Installed by Helena Riedeburg and Declan O’Neil
Discover ways in which Jacksonville is celebrating with you all year long: