Gotta Go

Gordon Huether of Napa, California was chosen to address the large arched windows at either end of Concourses A & C. Two larger-than-life travelers, a male and female, appear to be striding across the airport tarmac at opposite ends of the concourse. They are monumental, vibrant and animated, standing over 35 feet tall and they "Gotta Go"! Each larger than life traveler carries a travel bag that has a map of the immediate Jacksonville area on the bag. This area has an intense color zone of Dichroic coating. The Dichroic coating fluctuates in color from red to blue to yellow, depending on the time of day and angle of viewing, making the Jacksonville maps "passively kinetic."

Gotta Go was recognized as one of 40 innovative art installations at the 2009 Americans for the Arts Public Art Year in Review.